Gabriel Abed

Technologist, Futurist
& Bitcoin Astronaut.

A passion for positive change, infused with 16 years of experience in the software and technology field, led to this groundbreaking journey.

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Gabriel Abed is the Founder of, a Fintech enterprise established to offer financial solutions to the world's unbanked communities, and the Founder of Digital Asset Fund(DAF), the first regulated digital asset mutual funds in the caribbean region.

The Barbados-based entrepreneur is internationally-acknowledged as a pioneer in the digital currency evolution, having initiated the first global movement to encourage the use of Central Bank Digital currencies. The term “Central Bank Digital currencies” also known as “CBDC” was founded and coined by Gabriel Abed during the development of Since then, Abed has led the movement of Central Bank issued Cryptocurrencies and frontiered discussions on the subject of ‘Blockchain Technology’ at the Caribbean Development Bank, the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, the United Nations, the Commonwealth Secretariat, multiple Central Bank forums and other world stages.In 2018, Mr. Abed was appointed as the Special Technology Advisor to the Honorable David Burt, Premier of Bermuda. Since his advisory position, Bermuda is now the world’s leading jurisdiction in digital asset legislation through the guided development of appropriate frameworks. Additionally, Gabriel acts as an Advisor and Director to several exchanges and banking projects across major financial jurisdictions such as GSX in Gibraltar, InvestaCrowd's ICTX in Singapore, Jewel Bank LLC. in Bermuda and in the United Arab Emirates and other blockchain based companies around the world.

Gabriel has more than a decade of experience in enterprise grade software solutions across a multitude of business models ranging from commercial grade cloud storage facilities to Central Banking issuance platforms designed specifically for digital dollars. He has worked with local, regional and global regulators to bridge the gap between innovation and economic development.

His first blockchain establishment, Bitt, offers revolutionary and unprecedented solutions targeted at Central Banks to address a range of issues including correspondent de-risking, digital cash issuance, remittance and payment gateways while providing immense transformative potential to kick-start a country's economic resurgence through a smart digital economy. Bitt Inc. operates under the Barbados Regulatory Sandbox Framework passed in October 2018; Mr. Abed was crucial in assisting regulators in the development of the regulatory sandbox.

Under Mr. Abed’s leadership, Bitt Inc. was able to secure a significant multimillion dollar injection in the company from, that has since allowed the company to grow its suite of financial software. In February 2016, Bitt broke new ground by launching a digitised version of the Barbados dollar; the first ever world-wide example of a digitised fiat currency being approved and embraced by a Central Bank.

Gabriel's entrepreneurial mindset has allowed him to explore other avenues in the technology space, founding new companies such as Digital Asset Fund amongst others. The Digital Asset Fund, or DAF, is the first Fund in the world to be focused on math based protocols. DAF is one of the first regulated digital asset mutual funds in the caribbean region and is partnered with John Burbank of Passport capital.

Gabriel’s expertise has been developed through a pairing of academic pursuits driven by a belief in the revolutionary potential of decentralized distributed ledgers for global good. This has been recognized with a 2016, Institute of Caribbean Studies, Vanguard Award recipient.

Gabriel is also a founding member of Caribbean 2030, and the Global Blockchain Business Council.